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Holy Fucking Shit
October 14, 2007, 3:49 am
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Holy fucking shit, I haven’t updated this in almost a year, not that anyone noticed because that would mean people even knew it existed. But I am going to update it now anyways, even if I am the only one who will ever read it. I think I might as well start posting again just so I can always come back and read the posts myself to refresh my memory of what was happening at whatever point in my life. Anyways I don’t even know where to start, since my life has changed many times in many different ways, and if you asked me where I thought I would be on October 14th at 5 am I would never ever, not even the tiniest bit, think I would be updating my blog from my room in St. John’s Newfoundland.

Why am I in Newfoundland? I have no idea. I really don’t. It all started at a party at the Cox’s over the summer when I was talking about not knowing what I was going to do in the fall, since my plans changed so many times and i delayed making new ones going to school wasn’t much of an option anymore. A drunken Jim Barron over hears me and says you should move with me to Newfoundland and we can party at MUN and hang out, get jobs and have fun. After hearing move to Newfoundland and get jobs in the same sentence I stopping paying attention to him and forgot about it for a while. As the summer went on time started to run out, and one day when we were both sober I actually decided to bring up the idea with Jim again. This was mainly because Ryan Mac. talked Newfoundland up every time I talked to him, and Jim had done the same. After a lot of talking and thinking about it (not to mention being told it was a stupid idea by just about everyone I knew) I decided I didn’t have many other options. I mean I could move to Halifax but I didn’t have anyone to move in with and finding room mates and an apartment this far into the summer would not be fun. So i finally gave in and moved to Newfoundland.

I arrived in St. John’s on the 4th of September, with Cody Bower (who is living on our coach until Christmas) and moved in with Jim and Stacy (one of Jim’s friends from when he was at MUN last year). I wasted a month just having fun and slacking off and finally started to run out of money so I started looking for a job. It was a lot easier then I thought and I quickly got a job at a call center and thats what I am doing now. My last day of classroom training in on Monday, and my first paycheck is on Thursday (which I am very, very excited for!).

So thats about all I will write for tonight, its a little summary of what has went on the last couple months since like mid summer. Also I got my macbook in the spring, and I love it more then anything I own. So I think I am going to start updating this now, since I feel bad for buying and not using it.

Here are some pictures from Newfoundland. For more check my facebook for ones I was tagged in recently.


The skatepark that I never go to because I’m lazy and it’s cold.

The slug that was on our floor. It was huge so I took a picture.


New ads over at
January 10, 2007, 11:00 pm
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Head over to to check out the new ads for Shelburne What?! and Ref Hard 2. Also check out the new forums and sign up and start posting. I have to start posting more and will as soon as I get my Macbook 🙂

Also since I haven’t updated since the premier I can say it went great and the concert before and afterwards was awesome. We had some technical difficulties but managed to get them straightened out before anyone noticed so that’s good.

December 20, 2006, 3:14 pm
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Okay, in my last post I mentioned that we would be selling copies of the DVD after the Shelburne What premier for $10.00. Well, guess who is a lying asshole…ME. Yeah we ran into a few problems and won’t be able to get the DVDs made in time, but don’t worry! You can pre-order you copy of Shelburne What?! for $10.00 and we will get them to you as soon as we possibly can.

Also make sure you show up to this movie, and show up early! Bands (Vapor, Hollywood Basement, and more) will start playing around 7:00 or 7:30pm and than it’s movie time, followed by Big J and Jay Bizzy. It’s going to be awesome, in fact the greatest event Shelburne has ever seen.


Hyped for the Premier and Concert
December 15, 2006, 9:04 pm
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 Don’t know about you but I am totally hyped for the premier of Shelburne What, just a week away. It’s going to be awesome, followed by a concert featuring some local bands and Jay Bizzy and Big J. All that for only $5.00? I think so! Everyone better be there, and don’t forget to buy a copy of Shelburne What, they will be on sale for $10.00 after the movie. Also new ad for it coming very soon.


Check this out
November 29, 2006, 12:15 pm
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Here is a cool article in The Chronicle Herald with me and Daniel in it. It’s about ShelburneRadio and features an uber cool picture.

Alex and Daniel Herald

Also I have the official date and time for the Shelburne What?! premier. It will be at the Osprey Arts Centre on December 22nd at 8:00 pm and will be followed by a Jay Bizzy/Blazin’ J’s concert. It is going to be awesome and if you don’t go to both the movie and the concert, than you are missing out big time.


Shelburne When?
November 23, 2006, 12:39 pm
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Well a lot of people are probably wondering when will this movie come out.Well all I can say is very soon. Actually I can say more than that, the weekend before Christmas. We aren’t 100% sure on the exact date yet, but it will be that weekend. I know, I know, you may have just wet your pants. I know I said the same thing in my last post I am just confirming that it will be out before Christmas, and we have made arrangements so the place is booked. It will be at the Osprey and it’s going to be awesome. There may also be something else awesome going on after the show, and I will fill you in on that when I know for sure what’s going on.

I am also working on getting a better website for the Shelburne What content. For now check out my Flickr account and keep checking for a major update sometime in the upcoming week. We will also have a new ad up in early December that will actually give you an idea of what the movie will be.

Anyways that all I guess.


I have been lazy, but I may be back.
November 16, 2006, 8:18 pm
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Yeah, I know I have been lazy. I haven’t posted since early June, so here is a little update on what I am doing at the moment. I graduated in June and have come back to high school as a returning grad. Grade 12 is twice as boring the second time around and very painful, but I manage and my marks are a tonne better because of it. I came back because I slacked off previous years and want good marks so I can get into a computer science program next year. That’s about it for school. I also work at Our House Youth Wellness Centre. I am working on an internet radio station, called ShelburneRadio. Check it out!

Okay, now on to Abnormal stuff. There has been a delay on Shelburne What, and in case you haven’t noticed it wasn’t released this summer. We are working hard though (Luke is the one really working to get it done) and we plan to have the premier on or around the 21st of 22nd of December at the Osprey Arts Centre. We also plan to have enough DVD’s done by then to sell, so keep you fingers crossed and maybe you can get some last minute stocking stuffers.

Anyways thats about it for now.