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The Drug Skit has Changed
March 17, 2006, 8:31 pm
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 Hey just wanted to post an update and say that we are going to take the drug skit and combine it with another skit that involves camping and death I wrote about a couple posts ago. It is retarded how well the two will combine into one awesome (I think the best skit we have done by far, but thats just me) skit that we will be presenting in our english class.

 In other news I have actually started to mod my xbox and got all of the hard stuff done (including soldering wires, and some complicated crap with a usb drive and Xbox Action Replay) and only to find out the the version of MechAssualt I have is the wrong version! I need the origional version with “Game of the year” or “Platinum Edition” on it. If anyone has or knows someone that has a copy of that and they could lend my for 10 minutes that would be great.

Anyways March Break is almost over and back to school we go to learn. Also the other day I got me a new Rotary tool (No-name Dremel) with some pretty sweet accessories and that makes me pretty excited! Anywho later on.



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my usb drive, which you deleted my pictures
love you

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