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Premier of “Alex”
March 28, 2006, 10:46 am
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Tomorrow at Our House we will premier “Alex”, or the drug/woods short we have been working on. Yesterday we worked from about 3 untill 11 getting the last bit of footage filmed, and today we are just finishing it up. I’m pretty sure we have put more into this short than anything we have done before, and so far it shows (I think anyways). And no the movies not all about me, but it’s about my character with the same name (made it easier to film) that is unstable and battling a drug addiction, with no help from his friends. Anyways just wanted to update you on that and soon I should have another “Shelburne What?!” ad up and maybe some other clips becuase now that we are done this we should have the time to work on things like that.


Edit: The premier may be changed t Thursday so we can finish some things up, advertise and try to get more people to show up. It’s free to get in and there might be some free snacks and drinks if everything goes well. I’ll update you on the details tomorrow.


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Hey There, I was just on google at school, you know on a free being decided to look up this wonderful town “Shelburne ” and the Film Trailor for “Shelburne What” showed up and I got curious of course….and it brought me to this site…you’re doing an awesome job and I just thought I would comment and say that I give you props x 10 for that mini movie “Alex” and for everything that you guys do….It was wicked acting and Keep The Hard n Good Work Up

Comment by Krista

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